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What do we offer?

Connected Life supports a wide range of customers with their digital needs. With more than 10 year experience and a dedicated team we ensure our customers have only the best when it comes to their digital footprint.

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Web Applications

Websites are an integral part of your companies digital profile. We build the right website to ensure your success

Ecommerce Applications

Having online sales is like being open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and it costs a fraction of the price.

App Development

Websites use to be enough, but with mobile devices it has become easier to communicate with your customers.

Custom Systems

Sometimes what you need is not available off the shelf. Our bespoke systems are built to fit our customers' needs.

Digital Marketing

Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.

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We Are Here To Digitally Connect Your Company

People before systems. Our motto reiterates our work ethic as we ensure our products and services are of the utmost quality and are built around your needs.

With 10+ years of experience in the IT industry, we have learned to stay up to date with the latest trends, develop customer-centric ideals and earn a faultless reputation.


Our Working Process

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Client Feedback

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Products Powered by Connected Life

CDX Auto CDX Automotive is the world’s leading provider of interactive and experiential automotive curriculum for light vehicle, medium/heavy truck, and bus technician training. A revolutionary new

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Global Network Profile The Global Network Profile is a web application that allows your customers, employees and visitors to contactlessly check-in and check-out of multiple areas for

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Automotive Dynamic Digitalisation System

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Vehicle Digital Service Record

COMING SOON! The Vehicle Digital Service Records is the online version of the service book of your vehicle, but it is more than just

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Network Classifieds

Network Classifieds provides advertisers access to newspapers and magazines across the globe. Classifieds is a ready made marketplace – Classifying advertisements makes it easy for readers

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One Stop Shopper Modern marketing relies on technology to analyze the comprehensive performance of a marketing campaign, and help guide future strategies and decision making. Consumers are

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Connected Display

In today’s world, where customers are bombarded with advertisements from every direction, it is more important than ever for your messaging to stand out. A

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Consumable Solutions Combining our expertise and the latest technology we provide solutions tailored to your consumable needs Consumable solutions is a stock management system service for

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