Global Network Profile

Global Network Profile:

The Global Network Profile is a web application that allows your customers, employees and visitors to contactlessly check-in and check-out of multiple areas for

  • improved access control,
  • attendance registers,
  • capacity control (ensuring your business stays in line with COVID-19 regulations),
  • a more hygienic COVID-19 register.
Protection of Personal Information Act 4 (2013) Section 19. Retrieved from

The Problem:

Businesses must ensure that they follow strict security protocols to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of all personal information gathered.

The Solution:

GNP is the answer! By implementing GNP in your business, gathered personal access information can be restricted for only authorized and authenticated users all by a simple scan of a QR code.

In the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that can be spread easily through surfaces, advanced access control technologies can ensure more than just efficiency, they contribute to the workspace security by offering monitoring, detection, and reporting, as well as by controlling access of unauthorized entrants without any hygienic risk.

Contactless Access Control provides a fast, accurate, and safe way of identifying employees as they enter a site without the need for touching any surfaces such as a keypad, fingerprint reader, turnstile, or door.