DIY and DIFM Segments

Another study, the Auto Care Association’s E-tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket, surveyed both technicians and end consumers (as compared to the UPS study which focused solely on end-use consumers). The study looked at parts DIY (Do-it-Yourself) and DIFM (Do-it-For-Me) segments are purchasing online. DIYers are purchasing parts such as filters, glass and lighting products, and electrical parts that are generally less technical and easier to install. DIFM purchases include more complex parts such as computers and emissions components to exhaust systems.

DIFM purchasers are more likely to be Millennials, purchasing parts for upgrades. These consumers are more tech-savvy than replacement customers, and because these items tend to be heavier, DIFM buyers will gravitate towards retailers who offer a range of shipping options to meet pricing and timing needs.  They also tend to use social media for recommendations and to share their experiences, so be sure to offer a strong social media presence and a seamless purchase experience.

Know Your Prospect Audience

With a basic understanding of what these segments look like, you can then create rich customer and prospect profiles and target them with messaging to which they will be most apt to respond. To pinpoint your ideal target audience, your internal data sets should be augmented with third party demographics and auto specialty data.  For example, target millennials based on a certain income and who exhibit a tendency to engage in DIY projects.  Add additional selects such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle they drive and data such as engine size, fuel type, drive train, engine block, and engine cylinders. Or target women with offers for free shipping with specific data pertaining to the vehicle type and year they drive.

Your 1st party data is a great starting point, but by adding a wealth of additional demographic and auto selects, you can create messaging that will really cut through the clutter and to which consumers will take notice.

Today’s consumers are rewarding their business to those aftermarket retailers who offer flexibility, convenient shipping options, and a seamless online experience. As this market continues to grow, implement strategies now to reach these consumers with the right messages across channels.

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